Cereus, o pozie si o pictura despre Un arbore arhetipal al sinelui

Poezia Cereus scrisa de Ana Diana Porumb este sursa de inspirație a tabloului pe care l-am pictat ieri, o lucrare ce prezinta un arbore arhetipal ce spune o poveste despre rezilienta si puterea de a renaste din propria cenusa precum pasarea Pheonix


de Ana Diana Porumb

A soul full of confidence in a deserted land

With a beautiful smell but covered with sand

In hot, in cold, in dark and light

She managed to grow up and fight.

Her stem was thin but the roots were going far

Far from this reality far from this infinite turmoil.

Slowly the sun burned what was on the surface

Leaving an endless root alone and hopeless,

It was not the end, they say

A new beginning started exactly on that day.

The detachment helped her travel to a new land

That was more colorful than the one she left,

Many other souls were there

With their own stories about many other deadlands.

One with white endless snow and grief,

Another one with the sun but locked up in a jar

Her escape was hard and left her with a scar.

Many roads and many territories they had to seek

To get this far, to tell their stories, and to be able to speak.

Now all together a beautiful light they create,

To be visible to those who are still on their way.

They stay and wait for the night to pray.

Those souls grew enough to know

That self-love helps them glow

And patience helps them retrieve

The wise knowledge that sometimes is hiding, is unseen

About being alone but together in one big womb they will surrender in this place in all its splendor.

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Ma numesc Corina Chirila si obisnuiesc sa desenez si sa pictez de cand aveam 13-14 ani.Nu am facut niciodata studii de specialitate si am ales un alt drum in viata mea profesionala dar pentru mine pictura va ramane cea mai placuta modalitate de petrecere a timpului liber si cel mai frumos mod in care eu imi exprim cele mai profunde trairi. Imi place sa astern pe carton, hartie, panza toate sentimentele mele, toate dorintele si fanteziile mele, toate lucrurile la care aspir dar nu pot sa ajung, toate lucrurile la care pot doar sa visez.

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